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Not her bag

Gloria Diaz ventures into the quilted jungle and tries to understand the globe-spanning appeal of Vera Bradley

I never realized the reach of Vera Bradley until I was in Puerto Rico in 2005. My father's cousin and I were at a restaurant in the mountains. Her handbag was on the table, and the pattern seemed familiar. I continued to stare at it, and there it was, in tiny script near the bottom of the bag: Vera Bradley. Read More...

Around Town

Brilliant Optics: Seeing Is Being

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art finds itself somewhere between the traditional "ruling curatorial department" and the use of independent curators, providing new and current insight into the institution's contemporary audience and its lifestyle. "Brilliant Optics," an exhibition of contemporary work by national artists, focuses on vibrant color usage, was curated for FWMoA by Josef Zimmerman… Read More...

Kickstart my art

James and the Drifters make an album (with a little help from their friends)

Last time we checked in with Huntington, Indiana's one and only James and the Drifters, the boys were out and about spreading the gospel of their then new album Before The Dawn: The Otter Lake Sessions. Read More...

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