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In the mix

Legendary record producer Jack Douglas speaks at Sweetwater’s GearFest

The history of rock n’ roll is full of stories of happy coincidence, strange meetings of chance or turns of fortune. But there’s something about the stories that pop up around record producer Jack Douglas and his long, distinguished career in the music industry that sound almost apocryphal. They’re the kind of stories that prompt people to ask Douglas “Is that really true?” Read More...

Around Town

ARCH’s Historic Home and Garden Tour visits West Main Street

Here’s a bit of Fort Wayne trivia you might not know — the neighborhood around West Main Street, between where the bridge crosses the St Mary’s river and Leesburg road, earned the name “Nebraska” because it was considered so far away from downtown. Read More...

Cara Lee Wade: Through the Glass Nightly

The Art of Drag

Wunderkammer Company is hosting an exhibition of Cara Lee Wade's sometimes controversial, but always genuine and original exhibition "Through the Glass Nightly: The Art of Drag." This large body of photography depicts the tender moments of self-reflection, commitment, and love as well as the frenzied life of stage performance and boundaries of gender being pushed past convention. Read More...

Lost in an ocean of sound

Heaven's Gateway Drugs makes a classic

Once in a while it happens. Once in a blue moon your favorite local band do good and make a great rock n' roll album. Whether you live in Cleveland, Chicago, St. Louis, or Indianapolis, sometimes in your own Midwest town that local group of 9 to 5ers you watch on local stages happen to put out a record that pushes all your buttons. Read More...

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