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Sure, it was interesting, but what was the point? FWR finds out

Itís probably a partial testament to the power of branding that a couple hundred people were willing and eager to buy a ticket and spend an entire day at a conference where the speakers werenít announced, the topics were vague, and the overall theme ó Commerce, Community and Wellness ó could apply to just about anything. Read More...

Around Town

Ballroom blitz

Sight gags and slapstick energize the Civicís production of Rodgers & Hammersteinís Cinderella

Perhaps appropriately for a story that revolves around a glass slipper, director/choreographer Doug King steps lightly when talking about Rodgerís & Hammersteinís take on Cinderella. Read More...

Jerrod Tobias: "Seeds of Symbiosis"

Every artist is an activist whether or not they choose to identify themselves as one. It is not a choice that a maker of cultural constructs can make, but a reality of the designation itself. Local artist Jerrod Tobias has been finding his own ways to grapple with these terms over the last few years. Read More...

Juke joint saviors

Slow Pokesí rock ní roll exorcism

Sometimes in this line of work you just have to shut and let the music ó or in this case music maker and Slow Pokes front man Zach Kerschner ó do the talking. Take it away, Zach. Read More...

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