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Keigwin + Company

The Fort Wayne Dance Collective brings acclaimed dance company to town for a special performance

Among the many accolades and positive notices that the New York based dance company Keigwin + Company has received in its 10 year history is one from a 2009 article in The Village Voice. “One of Keigwin’s greatest gifts is for revealing the individuality of his champion dancers,” wrote Deborah Jowitt. “He lets you see them, he allows you to love them.” Read More...

Around Town

Born Under a Bad Sign

A conversation with We Are Hex

We Are Hex have a sound all their own. It's a cross between blues, psychedelia, and a bloodletting. Think The Kills, Dead Weather, and Siouxie Sioux thrown into the same cauldron and boiled until their collective essence floats on top of the bubbling sludge. Read More...

From Rustic to Refined

4th Annual Rural Studio Tour

One of the largest coastal misconceptions about the midwest is that we are all farmers, and one of the largest misconceptions that urban midwesterners hold is that all rural inhabitants are farmers also. Read More...

IPFW presents Orlando

Starts April 12

Sarah Ruhl’s inspired adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando is a poetic and vivid hymn of praise to the art and importance of discovering oneself. Read More...

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