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Know your local public/private economic development entities

A primer

Over the years, the Fort Wayne Reader has done several stories on economic development, and talked to many of the public/private development organizations in the area. And when we publish those stories, we will often hear from readers who say to us, “you know, I don’t even know what all these organizations do, exactly. Read More...

Around Town

Planes and Forms: Karen McArdle Retrospective. (1946-2009)

Karen McArdle was known primarily for her ceramic artist practice. As a longtime faculty member at the University of Saint Francis, she taught hundreds of students the elements of drawing forth forms from masses of inelegant clay. Read More...

The great escape

The Fort Wayne Civic Theater presents The Drowsy Chaperone

When you first meet Man In Chair, the unprepossessing narrator of The Drowsy Chaperone, you get the feeling that he’s not much of what you might call a “sharer.” In fact, he never even tells you his name… Read More...

The international Language

A conversation with Language of Shapes

One sound that's crept out of my speakers as of late is from the South Korean band Language of Shapes. There's is a mix of world music, folk, pop, and in the bands' words "psychedelic folk for the endtimes". Read More...

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