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More Rock n’ roll stories

Backstage clashes! Myths and rumors! Blasts from the past!

A couple years ago, FWR did a piece on rock n’ roll stories from Fort Wayne’s past (FWR #167). It was a popular story, as these things go, and we heard a few more. Here’s a sampling… Read More...

Around Town

Artist focus: Carly Schmitt

The human figure has been a constant source of inspiration for artists throughout time. With the near infinite unique details associated with each body, this form allows the artist the depth and breadth necessary to pull the viewer into the worlds the artist creates. Read More...

Music round-up

A sampling of just a few music events happening around town in the next several weeks… Read More...

Shane Page: The Life & Times of a Midwest Artist

The urge to create is a disease. I don't care if your means to feed the addiction is a guitar, a paintbrush, pencils, or Photoshop. For some, if they're not creating, they're dying inside. Read More...

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