Fort Wayne Reader Feature

The Update

FWR follows up on a few recent(ish) cover stories

Many issues ago, FWR ran a cover story entitled “Whatever Happened to…” where we looked at 5 past feature stories that seemed to have no second act. This story is not one of those. It’s less “Whatever happened to…” and more “What are you up to now?” Read More...

Around Town

Contemporary conundrums

Artlink's Regional Biennial

As far as the art world goes, juried exhibitions can be challenging, depending on the "point" of them — their relative importance and the potential benefit which an artist may gain from entering them Read More...

Indie rock rules the Fort

My favorite local releases of 2012

With so many talented young turks putting out such great local noise this year, you'd think it'd be damn near impossible to narrow a “list” of some sort down to just a handful of bands. Well, yes and no… Read More...

The Art Farm

Cultivating Indiana Artistry

Driving just a few miles North of Fort Wayne towards Spencerville easily becomes entering another world. Amish farms dot the countryside and horses out in pasture graze along Cuba Road going towards County Line Road North. Read More...

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