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Sankofa's last campaign

Fort Wayne Artist/Rapper Bids Adieu with Just Might Be

You'd think that calling it quits on a lifetime passion would cause a great deal of sadness and miserable self-introspection, but for local rapper Sankofa, saying goodbye to the art form he loves is a cause for celebration. After 14 years of writing, performing, and recording, Sankofa is hanging up the Adidas Tomatinas and the Nike Wildedges and focusing on the new phase of his life. Read More...

Around Town

Joel Fremion Retrospective

FWMoA show gives Fremion’s work a new perspective

Now and again, an artist is given the opportunity that allows the Fort Wayne audience to see their work in a new light, more fully rendered conceptually. Joel Fremion has recently received this opportunity with not only a solo exhibition at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, but a traveling retrospective with catalogue. Read More...

On their way

James and the Drifters

There's a group of dusty raconteurs that call Huntington their home, trying to put Huntington on the map for something other than being the hometown to Dusty Fahrnow, Dan Quayle, and Mick Mars. Read More...

Winter adventureland

Fort Wayne Youtheatre presents The Snow Queen

Anyone visiting the Youtheatre office before this year might have been a little nonplussed. It was located in the basement of the Arts United Center, in an echoing cinderblock-lined room without windows, where the clunk and hum of the building’s machinery provided the background noise. Read More...

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