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The Nutcracker 2012

Karen Gibbons-Browns talks changes and the importance of being prepared

“The Show Must Go On” is the most oft-repeated maxims of show business. Performers are exhorted to maintain the appearance of control and professionalism through any kind of backstage or onstage chaos — illness, missed cues, misplaced props, broken strings, wardrobe malfunctions… whatever goes wrong, stay focused and stay in character. Read More...

Around Town

21st Century Freak Out

Heaven's Gateway Drugs serve up a psychedelicatessen of sounds

Past the sunny dispositions and indie rock flair, the synth-laden tones of dream pop, the folksy, rustic Americana that whisps past our ears, and even the angular, jagged riffs of post punk, there lies an alley not brightly lit… Read More...

Black Friday… and beyond

Record Store Day (2), “Holly Pop” and more help local small businesses take advantage of holiday shopping season kickoff

When Black Friday comes, big stores and national chains will clamor for your dollar by offering enormous discounts and one-time-only deals, and we’ll respond in droves… Read More...

Jeffrey Strayer: What is this Thing called Art?

Aesthetics — the philosophy of art, beauty, and taste — has played a central role in the development of modern and contemporary art, especially since the Duchampian revolution in the early 20th century, when the conceptual armature of an art piece trumped the necessity of its objective nature. Read More...

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