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Author, Author

The ACPL 2012 author fair spotlights dozens of area writers

Fort Wayne has received a lot of negative attention over the years—we're fat; we're dumb (according to Men's Health magazine, that hotbed of academia) and thanks to city officials putting the kibosh on naming the new government building the Harry Baals Government Center, we have no sense of humor… Read More...

Around Town

"Just A Bunch of Potters" 13th annual showcase

Back in 2000, a dozen or so area artists — all working in the medium of clay — got together and decided to throw a holiday show… Read More...

Rock n' roll Sasquatch

Kevin Hambrick's new sleeve, new tricks

Every great once in a while you come across a singer/songwriter that just gets it. He or she knows all the tricks. They've written the songs that make you hum along. Read More...

Unspoken Word

Word-based fine art at Artlink

Usually, word-based fine art is often subjugated to the realm of political art, or undecipherable conceptual works, neither of which seems to arouse much interest in the average viewer. Without trying, it would seem that Fort Wayne's arts community is well acclimated to the use of words in art, many times finding more of a literary than expository function. Read More...

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