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In the Director’s Chair

Cinema Center’s new Executive Director Jonah Crismore on movies, movie-making and moving Cinema Center into the future

Here at FWR, we enjoy the latest Hollywood blockbuster as much as anyone — some of our favorite movies feature dinosaurs and spaceships. But the world of movies is a big one, with lots to offer, and it’s no secret that often, the most interesting, innovative, and moving films don’t make it to the local cineplex. Read More...

Around Town

Bludgeon with finesse

Progressive metal band Exterminate All Rational Thought

Sometimes I enjoy a good aural assault. Old school headbanging. No mid-song interludes with acoustic touches, string sections and a singer doing his best “When The Children Cry” schtick before the band kicks it back in for the big finish. No. For me, my money's on the band that commits to sheer adrenaline from the time the needle hits the vinyl till side 2 flips me the bird and punches me in the neck on the way out the door. Read More...

Riding For Wellness

Equestrian Riding Therapy at the Summit Equestrian Center

“Keep your heel down and your toes up! That's it, maybe sit back a little bit. That's it, that's it, you're doin' really good now!” Allison Wheatons' voice echoes in the arena, calling out instructions and encouragement to two little girls each riding on their own horse. Read More...

Sara Blyth-Stephens: Form in Transit

Fort Wayne, Indiana is not known for its exhibition, acceptance, or general practice of producing installation art. This being said, installation art seems to be something that our visual arts community is being drawn to at an increasing pace… Read More...

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