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Winning Ugly

IPFW Associate Professor Michael Wolf studies trends in political polarization (and yes, it’s getting worse)

If conventional wisdom is to be believed, there’s something about the negative tone of our modern political campaigns that turns all Americans into 1850s Southern Belles with a case of the vapors. Read More...

Around Town

The Miser: a rich confection

IPFW brings Moliere’s classic farce into the 1920s

The dictionary tells us that a farce is “a light, humorous play in which the plot depends upon a skillfully exploited situation… Read More...

Dinner (& Dancing) for Hundreds

AIDS Task Force Fundraiser turns 24

When the annual Gay and Lesbian Dinner Dance — a fundraiser for the Fort Wayne AIDS Task Force — takes place on Saturday, October 6 at the Grand Wayne Center, it’ll mark the 24th year for the event. Read More...

The Ghosts of Vandolah

Mark Hutchins’ “band” returns with new E.P.

When I first arrived in this area I made it known to the few people that I was interested in hearing some local bands. There were a few names mentioned: Instigator, Harry Balls, The Brighton Papers and Miss Fancy Pants. None of them were worth the air used to push those names out of one’s mouth. But there was one band that struck a chord… Read More...

Worth the Wait

Fort Wayne Museum of Art Biennial

The Biennial exhibition is a gauge of an institution's importance and its city's ability to attract artistic talent. While the international biennales garner the majority of the attention, there are a number of significant smaller biennial exhibitions throughout America which achieve notoriety among their niche audiences within the art world. Read More...

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