Fort Wayne Reader Feature

The M2020 initiative

The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership empowers millennials to change the story of Northeast Indiana

Sociologists studying that demographic of young Americans sometimes called the millennials might not be too far off base to label a portion of that group the Richard Florida Generation. Read More...

Around Town

Fort Wayne Museum of Art: Illuminated interiors and landscapes

In art, like most human endeavors, the focus is many times placed on the largest, flashiest examples, gaining headlines and earning generous purchase prices. Read More...

Music round up

A round up of a few things music-related in the next couple weeks… Read More...

Voices of experience

The Civic’s production of Dreamgirls a long-time dream for many

In musical theater, the term “show stopper” often refers to a particular song that’s so powerful it has the potential to… well, stop the show. Read More...

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