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The Mythology of Fort Wayne

The Civic Theatre Brings the Fiction of Michael Martone to the Stage at the 3rd Annual Playwright’s Festival

For Michael Martone, the renowned writer and Fort Wayne native, the city has always existed as a place full of it's own particular mythology. For more than 30 years the writer has been setting his stories in the city and state that he grew up in, and the landscape has remained a locale of singular peculiarity. Read More...

Around Town

New Abstractions: Karen Moriarty and Robert Vegeler

In certain circumstances, artists and art lovers end up meeting and begin to teach, inspire, and make work together. Karen Moriarty, long time Fort Wayne artist, and Robert Vegeler, local lawyer and avid amateur painter, are an example of these circumstances. Read More...

Tim Rogers returns to Fort Wayne

Acclaimed Australian singer/songwriter in rare solo show

Every era has its seminal album that served as an inspiration for a whole generation of rock fans and fledgling musicians, something that came along and said “hey kids, this is how it’s done.” Read More...

“There were very few dull days”

Guitarist Richard Lloyd of the band Television visits the Brass Rail on May 26

When guitarist Richard Lloyd was a little kid, he believed everyone had “wish money” to draw from, sort of like a trust fund of wishes set up by the generations of family that had come before you, or guardian angels, or whatever. Read More...

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