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Areas of confluence

Dr. Michael Spath and the Indiana Center for Middle East Peace work to foster inter-faith dialogue

As a lecturer in religious studies at IPFW, Dr. Michael Spath often tells his students that he does not know any non-religious person. “I know many atheists,” he tells them. “I know many non-theists, I know many agnostics, I know many secularists… But I do not know any non-religious people.” Read More...

Around Town

Artlink National Print Exhibit, Plus

As Artlink has evolved over the last 34 years into a sturdy, stealthy organization, producing great exhibitions within the Fort Wayne community. Read More...

Gloria writes a book

Diaz’s short story collection Served Cold delivers tales of revenge and redemption… but mostly revenge

Anyone who has followed Gloria Diaz’s column in these pages over the years probably won’t be shocked to discover where the initial germ of inspiration for her collection of short stories, Served Coldcame from. Read More...

The soundtrack of our lives

Guests talk about their musical loves on 89.1’s Under the Influence

Back in high school, Carrie Boylan listened to an REM song over and over again, “ad nauseum”, in her own words. Read More...

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