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The World of Jeremy McFarren

Area cartoonist’s Red Rocket Comics evokes the spirit of an earlier age

In the collection of original images that cartoonist Jeremy McFarren kindly sends over to FWR towers, there’s one called “The Tintin Sketch” that features someone who looks a lot like McFarren himself in the title role, menaced by the Thomson twins and with Snowy at his side. Read More...

Around Town

Masquerade: The Constructed Self

Artlink’s Self Portrait show

The identity of a community is said to reside in the art and culture which it produces. Many times, this expressed identity takes the form of some idealized, projected version of itself, meant to carry a message about the values the community holds. Read More...

The Puke, The Party, The Rock

Receiving an e-mail from Kevin Kujawa, aka Kevin Richard, aka one of two frontmen from Chicago rockers Mannequin Men, stands as my own minor thrill in 2012. So far. That said, it was a thrill I had to work through the clouds to find. Read More...

Two satirical

One act satires The Pot Boiler and The Real Inspector Hound at IPFW

Mark Ridgeway stumped me. The Real Inspector Hound, the second on a double bill of one-act plays that Ridgeway is directing at IPFW? I got that one. But The Pot Boiler, a one-act from 1916 by Alice Gerstenberg? Never heard of it. Or her. Read More...

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