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Behind the gun

Embarrassing revelations about your favorite celebrities

For anyone who enjoys the thrill of knowing the inside scoop, the Smoking Gun website is Mecca. Via copies of legal documents and official memos, the Smoking Gun offers a peek into a side of public figures and current events normally off-limits, from J-Lo’s insistence on an all-white dressing room to mug shots of legendary gangster Bugsy Siegel. Read More...

Around Town

After the election

Linda Buskirk talks to FWR candidly about the mayoral race

By all accounts, Fort Wayne’s 2003 Mayoral Race should have been a nail-biter. After all, when the same candidates went up against each other in 1999, Republican Linda Buskirk lost to Democrat Graham Richard by a mere 129 votes. Analysts predicted another tight race for 2003, especially after the loss of many manufacturing jobs during Richard’s first term in office. Read More...

Keeping Fort Wayne's thriving arts community strong

Arts United kicks off Annual Fund Drive

If you’ve ever enjoyed a Philharmonic performance or Youtheater production, or checked out a “hot buzz” independent film at the Cinema Center, just to name a few examples, you have Arts United to partially thank for that. The third oldest arts fund in the United States, Arts United is a private, non-profit organization that helps fund various arts organizations in Fort Wayne. Read More...


The boy who would be Superman

Smallville breathes new life into a classic comic book hero

Superman fans were still reeling over the smarmy cuteness of Lois & Clark when the WB announced its teenage Superman drama Smallville, reportedly about young Clark Kent’s days in high school and his slow discovery of his super powers. The WB’s reputation as purveyors of teen angst had some die-hard fans worried, but a few elements of the show’s premise suggested that Smallville might revitalize the whole Superman mythos: the creators promised that Clark Kent would discover one super power per season, the show’s tagline was “No Flights, No Tights,” and Clark would be friends with a young Lex Luthor who hadn’t yet found his calling as a criminal mastermind. Read more...

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