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Pick One You Can Keep

By Gloria Diaz

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I donít make New Yearís resolutions anymore. I got enough stuff done last summer, I figure I donít need to make any improvements this year.

Iím kidding, of course. Itís just that declaring a New Yearís resolution puts you on the spot. Probably the most popular resolution is to lose weight. Next thing you know, itís May and you still have those 20 pounds you vowed to lose four months ago. If people ask, ďhowís the weight loss going?Ē what the hell do you say? ďWell, I havenít lost weight, but my resolution to clean my ears more often seems to be working.Ē Trust me, they wonít be impressed.

Iíve been taking the ďtake things as they approach/as the mood hits meĒ route, and Iíve found that things I worry about doing eventually get done. During that windy night we had a few weeks ago, several large branches came down in my yard. There was one huge branch, and I wondered when I was going to get to it. Iíd been worried about something else in my life, and I pretty much did nothing until I reached a decision. But we got that warm spell, and I was in the mood to go out into the yard and start sawing away. I was able to get most of the branch cut down, and I dragged the rest of it over to the woodpile. Iíll get to it later.

Iím an impatient person, but I do try to console myself that things do happen for a reason, and sometimes itís better that we donít get what we want all at once. I am, however, proud of the fact that I did do what I announced I would do this summer (just like a New Yearís resolution!) and fall, even if the school part turned out to be a disaster. Iím remedying that by trying again, this time at a different place. Bottom line: I intended to change my life and it hasnít quite changed the way I predicted it would, but I think Iíll get there, in time.

My neighbor up the street however, is a different story. For the last couple years, right after New Yearís, sheís said, ďthis year is my year. Iím going to get this house in shape, Iím going to lose weight,Ē and so on. To be honest, accomplishing both tasks is going to be quite daunting, and she would be wise to pick one or the other, but not both at the same time. She has enough self-help books to stock a small-town library. She also has plenty of exercise equipment. Yet her life and her body stay the same, year after year. Iíve read a few of her books, and they were sort of interesting, but until you actually
move forward, all the self-help volumes in the world wonít help you unless you do SOMETHING. Often, doing SOMETHING can be the hardest thing of all. It requires deciding what you want, figuring out how best to get there, how much money you will need and how badly you want it. That last one is the killer. What are you willing to do to change your life? And when do you plan to take that first step?

This year, I took that step. I wound up making a mistake, but Iím trying to correct it. Fortunately, I have the ability to do that. Letís hope this time it works out better than my original choice.

But I will say this: Iíve got plenty of Q-Tips, so I expect if nothing else, my ears will be pretty darn clean this year.

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