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Peer review

Local music picks local music

By Sean Smith

Fort Wayne Reader


I was curious to find out what other musicians and those involved in the music scene thought of their peers, so I decided to ask a handful what they thought were the best local albums released this past year and local shows that they attended this past year as well. Here's what they had to say:

Chris Dodds - The Legendary Trainhoppers/Conley & Dodds

Album: This was the worst year to release an album – because everyone else did and they are all so great. I guess any album that wasn’t released by the Legendary Trainhoppers.

Show: Definitely Gary's album release show. By the end it was just … the lunacy of the D Gary is unprecedented!

Ben Larson - I, Wombat

Album: Left Lane Cruiser "Gettin' Down On It," of course.

Show: Any show Tito Discovery played in the last 12 months was the best show of the year.

Greg Locke - Stage Banter/WhatzUp

Album: The Legendary Trainhoppers "Ramble On"
There were six albums released locally this year that I loved, "Ramble On" is the one I played the most.

Show: Vandolah with Orange Opera at Columbia Street West. There were a number of very memorable shows this year, but this one, featuring two of my favorite local bands, stands out as the highlight. The musical kinship between Kevin Hambrick and Mark Hutchins is a beautiful, promising thing.

John Minton - The Possum Trot Orchestra

Album: My favorite was, hands down, The Legendary Trainhoppers "Ramble On."

Show: The show I enjoyed playing the most was probably the Wayne Calhoun Troubadour Series event that the Possums did with the Trainhoppers on June 16. I also had a blast playing the Dash In August 18 for the opening of Susie Suraci's exhibition of Vintage Lake Trailers, mainly since it was for Susie.

Dusty Neal - Studio 13 Tattoo Artist/Graphic Artist

Album: In the Face of War "We Make Our Own Luck." It's a really good hardcore album. It's not trendy and they are all really cool. They're nice guys.

Show: The Saints Never Surrender album release show was crazy! It was so much fun and the best Saints show ever. Everyone was so happy. It was nuts!

Jon Ross - Definitely Gary/Superhunk and several other bands

Album: The Orange Opera "The Land of Tall"

Show: It's a toss up between the Avett Brothers and the Maumee Music Fest.

Todd Roth - Unlikely Alibi/Bee's Knees

Album: A tie between Left Lane Cruiser's "Gettin' Down On It" and Definitely Gary's "The New Deal."

Show: Unlikely Alibi and Deals Gone Bad at Columbia Street West during Thanksgiving.

Richard Reprogle - Columbia Street West Production Manager

Album: I'd have to say that's a tie between the Legendary Trainhoppers and Definitely Gary.

Show: Another tie. The recent shows put on by Hillbilly Casino and Deals Gone Bad were both very well attended and it was really great to see the growth of Nic and Todd.

RhymeWise - Sub-Surface

Album: Roleo + EDS Rookies of the Year

Show: Sankofa's Semi-Final Round performance in this year's Battle of the Bands.

Zach Smith - Definitely Gary

Album: The Orange Opera "The Land of Tall"

Show: I had the most fun at our Semi-finals night than I've had in a long time playing the rock and/or roll. Honorable Mention, because I'm all about those these days, the Cover Me Badd show.

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