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Gloria Takes Off On Taking It Off

By Gloria Diaz

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I got another free paper from the person who handles the JG route here on my street, and this time there was an article about Heather Veitch, the “Holy Hottie” who used to be a stripper, but now is an evangelist. Her shtick is she and a few female volunteer church members go to strip clubs, pay for lap dances, and when they are alone, skip the lap dance and pull out their Bibles.

It’s an interesting way to reach strippers, I guess. Veitch was quoted in the article as saying, “I just want them to have a relationship with God.”However, she doesn’t urge the strippers she speaks with to leave their profession, which has irked some people. The Rev. Ray Turner, a California pastor, is “a little offended that she would use the Bible in such a sensuous manner.”

That’s because Veitch knows her target audience better than the Rev. Ray does. When Veitch was 21, she started stripping and made between $1,500 and $2,000 a DAY. Not in a month, not in a week, but a DAY. If someone paid me that kind of money to do copy editing, do you think I’d walk away from my naughty Bic Biro medium point red ink pen and sensual fluorescent lighting to do something more...respectable and exciting, like plumbing? No. I rather enjoy watching the way men’s eyes light up and the drool pouring down their chins when I smile and tell them I’m a copy editor. And considering I edit copy containing the words “bitches” and “studs,” well, how could I possibly walk away from that?

Personally, I don’t have a problem with women stripping. Women make less money than men anyway, and if you can make a living from showing men something they like looking at anyway, why not? Where else could a woman make $1,000 a day? As a top fashion model? Yes, but there are thousands of beautiful women, and only a handful make top money as models. As a pro athlete? Okay, but what if you’re a klutz? And women are pretty much limited to tennis and figure skating when it comes to the sports money game.

And I kinda resent the Rev. Ray getting upset that Veitch is not weaning girls away from the stripping business. Yeah, it’s not exactly a profession you’d want your daughter to take up, but why single strippers out? Do you think every time the Rev. Ray saves the soul of a lawyer, banker, insurance salesman, used car salesman, or politician, he encourages them to give up the dark side? Probably not.

I realize strippers sometimes fall prey to the seedier side of the business—getting hooked on drugs, going into prostitution, or hooking up with guys who wear velour track suits and gold chains—but one of my friends knew a stripper years ago, and the stripper was frank when it came to doing what she did—she made good money, she liked nice stuff and where else was she going to make that kind of dough?

It’s a shame though, that women can make more money from their bodies than
from their brains. Some male chauvinists may snicker and say that’s the way it
should be. But when you get right down to it, who’s the dumb one? The one
exposing her body, or the human ATM machine parked at a table, paying for the
privilege of watching some anonymous female gyrating to heavy metal?

Like I said, I think it’s okay, as long as you keep clear of the drugs and other problems. But I do wonder what happens when “Take Your Daughter To Work Day” rolls around. I can just imagine the conversation: “Mom, are you in a union? Do you have health insurance? Why not?” Ah, the innocence of childhood.

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