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Built to Shine Arts Collective benefit showcases a wide range of local artists

By Jim Fester

Fort Wayne Reader


Ceramics and jewelry, paintings and photographs are among the diverse range of pieces on display at the Built to Shine Arts show on November 19 at Convolution Records. Dozens of local artists are gathering for the event in support of local charities.

The show is sponsored and hosted by the Built to Shine Arts Collective, an organization formed earlier this year by a group of several young local musicians and artists with the goal of eventually create an all-ages venue for music acts. Their model is the Firehouse in North Manchester, though Built to Shine would ultimately like to take their concept one step further. “They (the Firehouse) focus on music, but we would like to focus on all aspects of art,” says Kimberly Seslar, one of the people involved with the group. “We’d almost like to have a community center type place where, yes, there are all ages shows going on, but where we could offer workshops in photography, painting, dance… basically any kind of art.”

According to Built to Shine, establishing an all-ages venue in Fort Wayne for music has proven pretty difficult in the past. Such places fall under so much scrutiny that owners/operators claim it’s just not worth the hassle. Also, no matter how respectful the crowd is overall, there’s always at least one clown that, as they say, ruins it for everybody by acting destructive or trying to sneak alcohol in. But Built to Shine is committed to finding solutions to those problems. “Everyone feels a real need for this type of place to work,” says Seslar.

Built to Shine has already held several events to raise money. Last August, an all-day, all-ages show highlighting a huge array of local talent brought in a sizeable crowd, and they’ve also done a show featuring Washington-based experimental/folk musician The Robot Ate Me — the kind of small, critically-acclaimed indie act that Built to Shine thinks would find an audience here, given an appropriate venue.

The art show on November 19th at Convolution Records is a little different than previous Built to Shine events: all profits from the show will go to Fort Wayne Rescue Mission and the Harvest Food Bank.

Built To Shine Arts Collective art show to benefit the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission and the Harvest Food Bank
Saturday, November 19th from 7-10pm
Convolution Records
2000 N. Wells St. Bldg. #5
Fort Wayne, IN 46808
Price: $5 or the equivalent of $5 in non-perishable foods.

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