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How well do you know Gloria?

By Gloria Diaz

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How well do you know me? Put your skills to the test by correctly answering all the questions on this test and win a dinner with me at any Fort Wayne restaurant of your choice! Please note: Unfortunately for both of us, “Fort Wayne area” does NOT include Indianapolis, or Chicago. Email your answers to the Fort Wayne Reader, ensuring that Mike Summers will get a major headache wading through all your answers. If you try bribe me or my friends for information, be sure to make it worth your while.

What kind of dog does Gloria own?

a. Louisiana Catahoula Hunting Dog
b. Silky Terrier
c. Yorkshire Terrier
d. Pekingese-Poodle Beagle mix

What was Gloria’s favorite scene in Canadian Bacon?

a. The scene where Roy Boy tries to kill himself in his Geo Metro
b. Honey sculpting the CN tower out of mashed potatoes
c. The one where Bud Boomer says, “There’s a time to think and a time to
act, and this is no time to think.”
d. The one where Bud Boomer knocks Canadians out of the way at the base of
the CN tower, and they say, “excuse me.”

True or false? Gloria wrote for her high school newspaper.

Gloria was once hugged by what celebrity?

a. Dorothy Hamill
b. Olga Korbut
c. Dan Jansen
d. Ronald Reagan

Gloria’s mother once gave change for $100 to what sports celebrity?

a. Brendan Shanahan
b. Wayne Gretzky
c. Dominick Hasek
d. Jacques LaPlante

What was the name of Gloria’s dad’s radio show on WGL?

a. Caribbean Interlude
b. The Latin Jazz Show
c. The Latin American Hour
d. Salsa Sunday

What happened to Gloria in the fourth grade?
a. She was home schooled
b. She was struck by lightning
c. She was bitten by a horse
d. She was abducted by aliens

Gloria’s highest grade in the sixth grade in the subject of spelling was:

a. A+
b. C-
c. B+
d. C

True or false: Gloria was placed in a Remedial English class in ninth grade,
due to her horrible grades incurred during eighth grade language arts.

What was Gloria’s first column for the Fort Wayne Reader about?
a. alien abduction
b. gay marriage
c. being single on Valentine’s Day
d. A complaint about Fort Wayne

In the past year, how many times has Gloria been quoted by a daily paper?
a. one time
b. three times
c. none
d. two times

And, so you can at least feel good that you got two questions right:

Who is Gloria’s favorite artist?
a. Roy Liechtenstein
b. Roy Campanella
c. Roy George
d. Roy Disney

What is Gloria’s favorite amusement park?

a. Cedar Joint
b. Cedar Point
c. Cedar Valley
d. Six Flags Over Hoboken

Love letters, hate mail, cheap prescription offers from Canadian pharmacies
to GloriaDcolumnist@aol.com.

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