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Back to school in the Blogosphere

By Carrie Connolly

Fort Wayne Reader


Back to school also means shopping and the blogs have got you covered. www.slavetotarget.com is exactly what it claims to be. If you aren’t slavishly devoted to any one store try www.shoppingblog.com and find products galore. Here’s a product featured that doesn’t quite make the grade, Razrwire created by Oakley and Motorola. That’s right, sunglasses with a cell phone attached to the side. The question is obvious, what happens when you take them off? Maybe they should call the folks who make Transitions lenses for eyeglasses. Now that is an unlikely trio.

www.huntandgatheronline.com has the product I need posted on August 5th. The RCA 2.4 GHz Expandable Cordless Phone with Cell Phone Docking System.

Visit www.poco-cocoa.com and let this West Texas blogger know if she’s gone too far with her food obsession. Just looking at the photos makes me hungry. www.glutenfreegirl.blogspot.com has a recipe for bacon spinach risotto posted on August 9th that I have to try.

www.educationwonk.blogspot.com has exhaustive coverage education in the United States. Their weekly carnival feature brings together links to issues from coast to coast. Fort Wayne could use its own blog devoted to education. www.dcedublog.blogspot.com would be a great model. This blog covers the metropolitan Washington DC education scene and it doesn’t mince words.

In a perfect world there would be a school just like the one dreamed of by www.aschoolyardblog.typepad.com. You can catch up on the first year of a junior high special ed teacher and follow her as she begins her second year at www.missteacher.blogspot.com. The blog is aptly titled, “Class is in Session”.

Home schooling gets a closer look at www.ruminatingdude.blogspot.com. The August 8th post looks at the issue of standards and home schooling. Is it a private or public matter? Go tell him what you think. On a lighter note www.phantomprof.blogspot.com wants your twisted tales of college life. Here’s your chance to go back and relieve those glory days or make a solemn vow to home school your own progeny until they are ready for grad school.

The recent “sanctimonious yet solves nothing” ruling by NCAA on college mascots has many people squaring off. www.txfx.net has a spoof — I repeat, a spoof — in the August 8th post titled, “NCAA considers ban on Hostile Animal mascots.” Long live the killer bunnies….

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