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NIPR kicks off 16th annual Wine Tasting

By Michael Summers


Fort Wayne Reader


With the 16th annual wine tasting at the Foellinger Botanical Gardens on May 14th, Northeast Indiana Public Radio pulls out all the stops to make sure this is the best time you’ll ever have at a fund-raising event.

Anyone who has attended the NIPR wine tasting knows the events always draws an interesting, eclectic crowd. Business men and women just off work downtown, still sporting suits and ties, mix with folks from the artistic community and create an atmosphere that bears no resemblance to the kind of stuffy image the phrase “fund-raising event” conjures up. It’s certainly not a black-tie affair. Karen Fraser, publicist for Northeast Indiana Public Radio, says that there are a lot of people who come to the wine tasting who have no idea that it’s a fund-raiser for NIPR — and that’s okay with her. “People who attend do so because they really enjoy a good party,” she says. “I don’t think you’ll find anybody who is buying a ticket just to support the organization. They’re here because it’s an exciting, fun event.”

Your $35 general admission ticket goes a long way. Around 40 vendors will be there, offering more than 200 different kinds of wine. “The vendors here really know their stuff,” says Fraser. “If you’re looking for something drier, darker, fuller, they can help you out.” Hors d’ouevres will be available, and the Mary Ford Jazz Quartet will supply the music.

There’s also a silent auction, where you can bid on artwork, jewelry from Bradley Gough, gift wine baskets, and several other items.

The wine tasting takes place a little later in the year this time around. A huge tent will be set up on the Botanical Garden’s patio, allowing attendees to take advantage of the warmer spring weather.

The annual Wine-Tasting is easily NIPR’s most popular event, so much so that in previous years they worried it was becoming too crowded. To break things up a little, the event organizers are offering a “first pressing” from 6 pm to 7 pm with a limited number of $55 dollar tickets available.

If you really want to splurge, for $165 you can get the dinner package, where a trolley picks you up at Opus 24, takes you to the first pressing, and then takes you back to the restaurant to enjoy a full dinner.

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