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Art goes to the dogs.....and cats

SPCA holds second annual art auction benefit

By Gloria Diaz

Fort Wayne Reader


On Friday, February 25, art will be going to the dogs. And cats. And other animals as well. But it’s for a good cause -- in this case, it’s the Allen County SPCA Art Auction. 2004 was the first year for the event, which raised $15,000. The amount stunned event organizers, particularly Jeanne Leita Stump.

“We were very excited about the auction but had no idea how it would work out,” recalls Stump. “We wanted to make at least $5,000. The $15,000 that we brought in was beyond our wildest expectations.” A few thousand dollars of the total sum raised came from new memberships.

“My goal for the auction last year,” says Linda Phillips, Art Auction chairperson, “I didn’t have a clue what we could raise. And it definitely met my expectations. And I think we met the artists’ expectations and that’s why this year there’s even more that are going to be involved in it.”

Several local artists participated in last year’s event, with a like amount expected to contribute artwork this year. Several mediums will be represented.

“We have photography, of course, and lots of paintings; oil, seriographs, water colors, just all kinds,” says Phillips. “We have clothing, wearable art, jewelry, woodcarvers, sculpting, pottery, stained glass, boy, you name it, we’ve got it.”

“The vast majority are from right here in the Fort Wayne region,” added Phillips. Santa Brink, Joyce Abramson, Patricia Glowacki, Vicki Junk-Wright, and Pat Lewis are just a few of the artists who are participating. Junk-Wright had the highest selling piece last year, which went for $1,500.

James Michael Kahle, who had his work shown at the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory last year, will also contribute some work for the auction.

The origin of the idea for holding an auction is not clear, says Stump. She thought the idea came from Phillips, but says it quickly became a group idea and grew.

“Some of the artists were enthusiastic, most were cautious since this had never been done before,” recalls Stump. “We had excellent involvement with artists, though, with over 240 works of art, and 72 artists taking part. After the auction, the artists seemed very happy with their participation.”

The auction is in a silent format, with a form next to each item. A minimum bid is listed, and whoever bids the highest by 8 p.m. wins the artwork. While bidding, music by the Tajmaholics will be playing, and a cash bar will provide liquid refreshment. Munchie Emporium will be catering the edibles.

SPCA Art Auction
February 25, 5 pm
Performing Arts Center, 303 E. Main Street
Tickets are $25 at the door. There is no admission charge for participating artists. Bidders may pay for their artwork with cash, check or credit cards.
For more information, contact Linda Phillips at 637-2831.

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