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Basement What?

Basement What?

By Jim Fester

Fort Wayne Reader


Anyone who misses the days when the likes of Blind Melon and Blues Traveler ruled the airwaves will love the melodic anthems on Basement What?’s self-titled CD. The hooks on this CD are seriously addictive, but it’s the other influences that Basement What? throw into the mix that make this album really worth checking out. The beats here are very fluid; you can dance to some of these tracks (and I challenge anyone to dance to anything a rock band did in the mid-90s). There’s almost a 60s lounge pop vibe going on during the verses of “Sunshine Baby,” thanks to Nick Young’s slinky lead guitar line, and the opening track, “Change” (one of the album’s best) juxtaposes a jam-band shuffle with an explosive chorus. The finale, “My Beer” is straight uptempo pop/rock with a refreshing spin on the old “my-girl-let-me-down-and-now-I’m-drinkin’” scenario. As I implied above, the band’s main influences seem to be the jam-bands of the 90s, but Basement What? have taken the poppier side of that genre and made it totally their own.

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