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Time for a sequel?

Try Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

By Jeb Haught

Copley News Media


Publisher: Ubi Soft
System: Microsoft Xbox
Cost: $49.99
Violence Rating: Mature (ages 17 and older)

Last year, Ubi Soft surprised the world with a fantastic remake of the classic adventure game Prince of Persia. It combined flashy combat and unusual exploration abilities - such as the ability to run on walls - with the power to control time.

For some reason, the wide-eyed innocent prince from "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" has turned into a cold-blooded killing machine for this sequel, "Prince of Persia: Warrior Within."

Join the "dark prince" as he battles demonic enemies using swords, axes, maces and daggers. He can even wield these deadly weapons in any combination to increase the virtual bloodshed.

In addition, there are tons of hand-to-hand and dodging combinations to discover. New maneuvers include swinging around on ropes and poles during combat, as well as several devastating throw moves. Add to the mix the ability to slow down, speed up or rewind time and the possibilities are nearly endless.

Unfortunately, the mystical feel of the first game has been replaced by an emphasis on attack combos and carnage. Also, the story line isn't as interesting as that of its predecessor.

"Prince of Persia: Warrior Within" is fun for a while, but becomes repetitive after a few levels. True fans of "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" might want to steer clear of this sequel.

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