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Go Dog Go

Long Story Short

By Jim Fester

Fort Wayne Reader


Go Dog Goís Long Story Short is an instantly likeable album. What makes it a tricky album to talk about is that it doesnít make a big deal about what it does so well. The 16 tracks on Long Story Short donít try to dazzle you with their virtuosity. Instead, the bandís virtues are old-fashioned ones: solid musicianship and a focus on crafting memorable tunes. For Go Dog Go, itís all about ďthe Song.Ē Bassist Eric Federspiel and drummer Mark Winters lay down a firm foundation on which songwriters Chris Dodds and Matt Kelley (Go Dog Goís singer and guitarist, respectively) build a hook-filled blend of mid-tempo rock ní roll, a little power pop, and hint of that country-tinged rock that people seem to call Americana these days. Barroom rock? Well, yes, if that doesnít sound too dismissive. The difference is that most bar bands lose something on record. Go Dog Goís songs make the transition from weekend gig to CD with all their appeal intact.

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©2018 Fort Wayne Reader. All rights Reserved.