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Not at all a Disney nature comedy - instead, a Spanish film about a big, cuddly gay dentist in Madrid (appealing Jose Luis Garcia-Perez) who inherits his sister's son, who might be gay. Big "bear" lovers come and go, the kids learns to love his uncle and the scene, and human interest is earnestly delivered, but director Luis Miguel Albaladejo has not found the tone to mix both warm family values and gay night cruising. A granny is used as convenient villain.

A TLA release. Director: Luis Miguel Albaladejo. Writer: L.M. Albaladejo, Salvador Garcia Ruiz. Cast: Jose Luis Garcia-Perez, David Castillo, Empar Ferrer and Elvira Lindo. Running time: 1 hr., 50 min. Unrated.

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©2018 Fort Wayne Reader. All rights Reserved.