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Bashing, ammo-driven remake of the 1976 John Carpenter pulp hit, with cops improbably mired in a decrepit Detroit station, under siege during a snow storm. On action-game terms it delivers, despite absurdities (why the tunnel surprise held towards the end by one figure?). The go-for-it cast includes Gabriel Byrne, Maria Bello, Ja Rule, Drea de Matteo, Brian Dennehy, frantic John Leguizamo and the amusing contrast of cop Ethan Hawke (all gaunt nerves) and master thug Laurence Fishburne (massively menacing). Sure it's dumb, but can you dig it?

A Focus Features release. Director: Jean-Francois Richet. Writers: James DeMonaco, John Carpenter. Cast: Ethan Hawke, Laurence Fishburne, Maria Bello, Brian Dennehy, Gabriel Byrne, John Leguizamo, Ja Rule and Kim Coates. Running time: 1 hr., 49 min. Rated R.

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