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Cinema Center’s ORNAMENT not your usual silent art auction

By Michael Summers


Fort Wayne Reader


Cinema Center presents an interesting and fun twist on the standard silent art auction with Ornament, a fund-raiser for the organization on Sunday, December 5th.

Instead of having artists donate a random piece of work for the silent auction, Cinema Center Director Catherine Lee thought it might be more interesting for the artists to start with an object — in this case, a papier-mache ball 3.5” in diameter — and let them do whatever they wanted to with it. The only other stipulation was that the finished piece was no larger than 9”x 9”.

Kathy Todoran, the coordinator for the event, says she approached artists from all mediums — painters, photographers, graphic designers, glass artists, potters, architects. She estimates they have around 40 different pieces in the auction, with about 25% of the pieces incorporating a holiday theme. “The response was wonderful,” Todoran says. “I think the artists were excited about having this small object and doing something in a medium that they don’t normally do.”

If the diversity of the objects is anything to go by, it seems putting a few parameters on the work was inspiring for the artists. “We have one from the painter George McCollough,” says Todoran. “He did some cherubs on a blue and white sky that’s very beautiful. We have a photographer from Patrick Roberts’ studio that did Miracle on 34th Street. She used images from the film and then painted camera film silver.”

Other pieces include an ornament with a Madonna and child painting from Vicki Junk-Wright called the nest, and what Todoran describes as a sort of abstract, free-form Christmas tree by architect Ron Collier.

The artists weren’t necessarily required to use the papier-mache ball. Julia Meek took the idea of a globe to create “Beauty’s Wolrd, a piece inspired by Meek’s love of Jean Cocteau’s 1946 film Beauty and the Beast. “The Beast brought all the outdoors in for Beauty’s bedroom,” says Meek. “I took a large, clear-glass ornament, then I’ve painted the world around it, and all the continents are flowers. I have antique little prisms suspended in the ball, so that every piece the light hits through the colors or through the clear reflects prism. I twisted a piece of silver bead wire from which to suspend it, much like an upside down globe stand would hold a world. So, it’ll bring the outdoors in.”

You can make reservations for the ORNAMENT party by sending an e-mail to movies@cinemacenter.org or by calling 426-3456. Images of the ornaments can be seen on the Cinema Center website at www.cinemacenter.org

Sunday, December 5th 4:00-6:00 p.m.
Cinema Center downtown, 437 E. Berry
hors d'oeuvres and beer and wine will be served.
$5.00 members / $10.00 non-members.

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