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Battle to retake Fallujah met with sporadic resistance

By Brian Knapp

News Wire


On the second day of fighting, U.S. Army and Marine units pushed through the center of the insurgent stronghold of Fallujah, fighting bands of guerrillas in the streets and conducting house-to-house searches. 14 Americans have been killed in the past two days across Iraq, including five in an around Fallujah. Nine others were killed as guerrillas launched a wave of attacks in Baghdad and elsewhere.

The nine were killed Monday southwest of Fallujah and in the capital, said the Pentagon.

Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi declared a nighttime curfew in Baghdad and its surroundings the first curfew in the capital for a year a day after a string of insurgent attacks in the city killed nine Iraqis and wounded more than 80.

Hundreds of guerrillas were swarming the streets of Ramadi, another insurgent stronghold 70 miles west of Baghdad, where Allawi declared a curfew on Monday. Gunfire rang out in the city center, and a destroyed car smeared with blood was seen.

Allawi called on Sunni Muslim fighters in Fallujah to lay down their weapons to spare the city and allow government forces to take control, saying, "The political solution is possible even if military operations are ongoing.

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