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New semi-annual publication covers “local art + global reach”

By Rebecca Stockert

Fort Wayne Reader


Pique: Fort Wayne Art & Culture , is Fort Wayne’s new magazine and blog featuring all things arts and culture-related in the area. They tote a “local art + global reach” with their publications. This isn’t your floppy monthly throwaway. The magazine itself is a sleek, soft-to-the-touch, well-made publication that keeps pace with some the best arts publications in the country. It is akin to a high-end exhibition catalog, made to last. Published on a semi-annual basis, the magazine, is a work of art in itself that you’ll want to keep on the bookshelf for years to come.

Pique is all about everything Fort Wayne. Over the past 10-15 years, Fort Wayne’s inhabitants have been working hard to make it a desirable place to live, work, and visit (those behind Pique are no exception). The magazine asserts “Our community’s art and culture scene is growing, and we’re telling its story in art, film, poetry, commentary, satire, and so much more.” The fruits of the locals’ labor is paying off in a big way. It is hard to be downtown at anytime and not see people about. This is much different than a decade ago when walking along Washington Blvd. would get you a spray of gravel in the face.

Two issues of the magazine has been published thus far: spring 2015 and spring 2016. Issue 1 sold out, but the spring 2016 issue can still be purchased around town and on the Pique website for $13. Founder Mariah Knight is excited to announce the publication will be semi-annual starting in 2018. She says: “This was a goal of mine from the beginning. Individuals can even subscribe on our website for both 2018 issues.”

Local, national, and internationally recognized galleries and museums often publish exhibition catalogs for important exhibits. These range from a folded piece of 8.5” x 11” paper printed on a home computer to hardbound, archival-quality publications that are works of art in of themselves. For example, the NYC MoMA has published over 2,500 pieces in 35 different languages, showcasing important exhibits, artists, and artworks. Pique is like Fort Wayne’s own exhibition catalog, featuring stunning images and excellent writing about all the different things that make us special.

Though the physical magazine is published twice yearly, an online blog keeps pace with the weekly and monthly happenings around town. The blog hosts local talented writers reporting on artists, music, food, community, and other interesting events. January featured articles such as “Spiral and Trap – Eternal Blue” a Pique Album Review, “Local Muralist Jerrod Tobias,” “Happy New Year! Be Interesting,” Erik Howard as a featured artist, and the favorite opinion column, “What Fort Wayne Needs.”

This month, contributor Kara Hackett wrote for “What Fort Wayne Needs.” However, rather than writing about a hopeful longing for some distant desire, she covered a development that is being moved upon in a big way. The piece was titled “What Fort Wayne Might Actually Get” and covers the possibility of a downtown grocery store, something people in the heart of the city have been petitioning for to the local government and developers for years. This time, CANI is behind the push, a reliable and well-known asset. Hackett speaks with CANI representative, Andrew Applegate about the project. You can go over to the Pique blog to learn more.

The featured artists section (which can be found on the website, as well as on different social media outlets) is a great way to keep up with good local favorites, as well as learn about *new* artists that might not be as established in the city. One artist recently featured on Pique’s Instagram channel that might be a new name for some is Chelsea Bihlmeyer. Bihlmeyer was not featured on the Pique blog or Facebook, only on

Instagram (which all you visual artists and lovers should definitely be a part of, if you’re not already). The featured work was a mix of gif technology, watercolor, and Egon Schiele-esque linework, giving it a sweet and clean aesthetic, though exuding a sense of adult seriousness and angst.

For each physical publication, Pique puts out themed call for entry. Past themes include Hold Your Tongue and Catch 22 . Hopeful artists and writers are able to submit their work for possible inclusion in the magazine.

For the spring 2018 release, the theme is Into the Wild. Interested parties can cruise over to the Pique website, Twitter, or Facebook to learn more about getting their work in print. The deadline for the call for entry is February 28, 2018. Anyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to submit to this call for entry. It is not limited to professional or established artists.

The release party for the spring 2018 magazine publication will be held on May 4th at the Cinema Center. All are welcome to attend. Pique can be found on their website at piquefortwayne.com

Be sure to follow Pique on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to keep updated @piquefortwayne. Check out the hashtag #PiqueYourInterest if you want even more. Pique also sends out regular email newsletters to help keep readers up-to-date with publications, calls for entry, and blog posts.

Calling all artists: Pique has a call for entry: Into the Wild due February 28, 2018

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