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Need a Companion? Sex Dolls to the Rescue

By Gloria Diaz

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So it might have been a link on Facebook (yes, I'm back on it again—for now) about robot dolls that clued me in to the newest trend on “alternative lifestyles.” I'd already seen a segment on My Strange Addiction about a man addicted to being with his life-size doll. The guy's name is Davecat (not his real name, I'm sure) and he's always been interested in dolls. He's got a life-size mannequin made out of silicone, and he dresses her every morning. He also takes photo shoots with her. Her name is Shi-chan. Davecat's dad doesn't understand. And yes, Davecat lives with his parents. She-chan is an awkward subject, so she stays in Davecat's room.

I'm not sure how to feel about this. I guess it's slightly better than being so lonely you talk to your furniture (I swear I saw an article about that somewhere), but at the same time, it sort of speaks to how lonely we are as a society, and how you can basically have anything you want, as long as you have the money.

And, again on Facebook, I saw an improvement on the silicone dolls—robot dolls. They can be programmed to eventually fall in love with you. They can't be cheap though. And I'm thinking if you have the kind of money to drop on a robot doll, why are you wasting time with one when you could be showing a flesh and blood woman a good time?

This leads into all sorts of theories, some pleasant, some not. Are women held to such a high standard of beauty that men are only attracted to busty supermodel types? Are men conditioned to think 42DD breasts and a 20-inch waist on a woman is “normal”? Are men at the point where they want what they want, and it's basically someone who can be controlled?

I wonder what Paul Bernardo thinks of this. He's the notorious Canadian who, with his wife Karla Homolka, abducted young girls to use as sex slaves. What if he had a willing robot? Would the thrill still be there, or is forcing someone to do something you want, but not what they want part of the appeal for someone like Bernardo? Bernardo definitely had problems with women—he hated his mother, even though he was able to pick up women effortlessly. But he didn't treat them well. If robot sex dolls had existed back then, would he be in prison today?

Will these robot dolls help the male incels with their issues? I specify male incels, because these individuals are convinced that women can get laid as easily as walking into a bar, which I assure you, doesn't happen. If women can't be incels because they are just being “picky,”we can also assume that male incels are also picky, and aim for supermodel types, even though they have a low chance of snagging one.

Davecat says Shi-chan is an “anchor”. He knows what to expect with her, and with women, he says, “you don't get that.” So, it sounds like control issues to me. As well as a fantasy fetish. She's there for me, she doesn't talk, hmmm. Sounds familiar. If only she could make sandwiches, amirite?

I guess if these sex robot dolls help men with their “urges,” it's okay. I'm just wondering how many women buy the male equivalents. I know I'd sure as hell get one—as long as he liked to cook and clean.

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