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Time rushing by? Blame the retailers

Itís not really later than you think

By Gloria Diaz

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I was in Walgreenís the other night, and overheard a mother say to her son something to the effect of, ďChristmas is coming soon, thatís why the Halloween stuff is out.Ē

Along with the health insurance industry and the media, retailers are on my list of entities that I despise. Itís no wonder people think time is whizzing by uncontrollably. When you see Christmas decorations up in June (I saw this and I wasnít under the influence) itís enough to make you think, ďenough already!Ē

And itís not just retailers pushing the calendar holidays. On a recent trip to one of my motherís many doctors, in the corner of the waiting room was a Christmas tree. Granted, it was trimmed with an autumn/Thanksgiving theme, but with Halloween a month away as I write this, and Thanksgiving nearly two months away, I started thinking that a clever person could keep this tree up all year round. Starting in February, you could put garlands of hearts, shamrocks for March, bunnies and eggs for April, flowers for May, little diploma scrolls for June, American flags for July. The only tough month would be August. Somehow, using a back-to-school motif seems premature, even though school has started the third week of August for years now.

Itís the retailerís fault that you canít find a decent-looking swimsuit in August. Instead theyíre pushing down parkas and boots when the temperature is still in the 80s. And last February, I was in Meijerís looking for salt for our sidewalks and driveway. Think I could find any? Of course not. However, if I wanted a swimsuit and a gas grill, they were there for the taking. I complained to a sales associate. I started out by saying I know he had nothing to do with the inventory control, but basically vented, saying it was ridiculous, with spring about five weeks away and ice and snow on the ground, to be totally out of salt.

Just once, Iíd like retailers to not push the coming seasons at us so quickly. Back to school sales in July are just hideous. If I were in charge, down jackets wouldnít be allowed in stores until mid-November. Youíll just have to make do with last seasonís jacket until then. And bathing suits? Well, I realize people do visit warmer climates during Christmas breaks and during spring vacation, plus there are plenty of folks who swim year round. Perhaps we could just leave the swim suits up all year, and do away with the pool supplies once September 21 hits. Until then, itís still officially summer.

And this summer really didnít feel like summer at all. It just wasnít hot enough for me. Even the weather was confused. Was it giving us a very prolonged spring or a very early fall? Thankfully, it did finally warm up, but it was long after the pools had closed for the summer, and right when the parkas had hit the stores.

And about the time when I feel the need to shop for a winter coat, the swimsuits will hit the stores during the worst ice storm of the season. Instead, Iíll buy salt -- of the Mortonís table variety. Because Lord knows, the stores will be out of the stuff you put on your driveway, because they need to make room for the patio sets and gas grills.

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