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Wave of Celebration

Middle Waves Festival 2017 Announces Line-Up

By EA Poorman

Fort Wayne Reader


So in case you just moved to town from a place with no news or culture or you've been living in an underground bunker with no internet or TV south of town for years I'll recap what you should already know.

Last year Fort Wayne debuted its very own real deal music festival. Headwaters Park was transformed into the home of the Middle Waves Music Festival last September 16th and 17th and it was a glorious debut. A beautiful mix of local flavors and noises blending perfectly with national acts like Oddisee, Best Coast, JEFF the Brotherhood, and king freaks the Flaming Lips. Three stages hosted local bands like Orange Opera, Sankofa, Void Reunion, The Legendary Trainhoppers, Heaven's Gateway Drugs, and Metavari; while national acts Doomtree, Tanlines, Bully, and The Ike Reilly Assassination tore it up on those same stages. Local food vendors gave us the sustenance we needed to keep our energy up throughout this monumental Fort Wayne weekend.

It was a hell of a debut for a music festival, and one that showed lots of love and dedication thrown into it by local guys and gals that wanted nothing more than to give Fort Wayne what they felt the Fort has deserved for a long time: a hell of a music festival. Everyone involved did their part and gave of themselves for no other reason than for the love of music and love of the city. Why should we have to drive to Indianapolis, Chicago, or even further in order to enjoy a weekend of music and culture? Fort Wayne is big enough and diverse enough to compete with the big boys, and Middle Waves 2016 proved that, guys.

We're now in July 2017 and on June 26th at Wunderkammer Company the Middle Waves 2017 line-up was announced. So yes, that means that Middle Waves was a huge success. It was a success thanks to people like Alex Alford, Emma DePrez, Olivia Fabian, and Alison Gerardot. It was a success thanks to people like Alec Johnson, Matt Kelley, Beth McAvoy, and Sanee Lombardi. And Katy Silliman, Corey Rader, Dan Ross, Nick Weaver, and Heather Schoegler. And all those guys and gals you saw running around in red shirts getting in the trenches and getting muddy on game day making sure the gears were moving correctly so that Middle Waves ran as smoothly as it possibly could. There were a lot of red shirts, people like Ryan Holquist, Tommy Cutter, Jasmine Bejar, Ryan Fox, Jenn Fox, Matt Thomas, and Melissa Twitchell. That's just a small portion of those that worked behind and in front of the scene to make sure Middle Waves was as great as it could be. Sponsors are people, too, and they also went a long way to making this amazing festival happen. Folks behind Sweetwater, Indiana Tech, Parkview Health, Arts United, Steel Dynamics, Alt 99.5, One Lucky Guitar, Fort Wayne Metals, and The Brass Rail to name a few put their time and money behind this festival and this city. Oh, it also worked because of you Fort Wayne. You bought a ticket. You cheered on the local bands and national acts. You bought food from local vendors and put back into the community. You showed the world that Fort Wayne's got moxie.
So thanks.

And now, here is your Middle Waves Music Festival 2017 line-up: Local artists Belle & The Strange, Love Hustler, Flamingo Nosebleed, Left Lane Cruiser, Silbo Gomero, My Apollo, Rosalind & The Way, Zephaniah, Three Cities, and Fatima Washington will be making their Middle Waves debut this year.

National acts R.O.E, The Murderburgers, City Mouse, Selector Dub Narcotic, Mike Adams At His Honest Weight, Flint Eastwood, Sam Evian, The Lemon Twigs, Shannon & The Clams, Super Duper Kyle, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, and MGMT will be making their Middle Waves debuts on September 15th & 16th. We're only just in the beginning of July, there will be more bands added throughout the summer so follow Middle Waves on their Facebook page for up-to-date info.

Besides the bands there's the local vendors that will be set up selling their wares, their foods, their beers, and so much more. It's a festival, man. It's a collection of beautiful freaks and amazing weirdos putting on a carnival of rock and roll, love, and togetherness. Middle Waves Music Festival is a time for everyone in the Fort to come together; put the politics and differences aside for a couple days and get weird with your fellow "River City" citizens. Soak up the music and show these national acts that Fort Wayne rocks.

Pick your tickets over at http://middlewaves.com/, and follow Middle Waves on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MiddleWavesFW/ for all the up-to-date info. See you in September Fort Wayne.

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