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An Appropriate Performance for a Crazy Year

By Gloria Diaz

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Itís a new year, and Iím feeling hopeful (alert the media!). But, apparently, and appropriately, one of the last performances of the year was as bizarre as 2016 was. I wasnít watching New Yearís Rockiní Eve or whatever itís called, but I heard that Mariah Careyís performance was bad, bizarre, painful, and unbelievableómuch like 2016 itself.

I logged on to Facebook to say Happy New Year, and everyone was talking about Ms. Carey. I watched the performance the next day. I hope whoever paid for her to show up got their money back. I guess the problem was the monitors. Ms. Carey couldnít hear herself, and thatís why she didnít sing. I donít like live lipsync performances. Itís one thing if itís a contest, but someone established on a stage lip syncing? No.

I think Ms. Carey should have tried. She should have tried to make the best of a bad situation. But what do I know? Instead, both the internet and I are passing judgment. I wasnít fond of her outfitólooked like a nude, sparkly, one-piece swimsuit. Then, it looked like a filmy skirt got hooked on during the second song. I discussed it at work with someone at work, and she wondered why Ms. Carey was even pickedóďsheís not relevantĒ was my millennial co-workerís assessment. I was just going to ask her about Madonna, when she continued that Madonna has evolved, so sheís okay. Iím thinking thereís something to that. Ms. Carey seems more about bling and revealing clothing. Thatís okay maybe, when you are first starting out, but Madonna isnít wearing the rags in her hair and rubber bracelets. Sheís way past that.

Iíve never been a fan of Ms. Careyís music anyway. I donít know if sheís hip hop, soul, r&b, or what. So watching New Yearís Rockiní Eve for me is more of a yawn/WTF was that experience. Because I have an analog television set, it means I havenít seen it in several years. If I had been home, I probably would have popped in a DVD and cleaned or work on writing or craft projects.

So I guess I didnít miss much. A train wreck of a performance, for a year of incredible loss in terms of artists, the usual fighting somewhere in the world, the little boy in the ambulance covered in blood, and a political season that was beyond ugly, which actually destroyed friendships.

It seemed like a fitting end for a year of loss. An awkward AF, nearly nude non-performance by someone who could have done much better.

Years ago, I read an interview by someone who worked for Sony, and dished the dirt on Ms. Carey. Apparently, sheís a studio ratóshe spends hours and hours making sure every note sounds right. Which is something you canít do during a live performance. Either no one did a sound check, or the equipment pooped out during the show. It happens. But it proves that you have to be prepared for a lot of problems. And itís pretty obvious that if someone isnít singing because they canít hear themselves, then you put a recording of them singing so they can lip sync and they donít even want to do that, well, it takes a bad situation and makes it even worse. It makes me appreciate the days of live television, when shit happened, but people got it done. If she does get another live performance offer (ha ha) perhaps we should all keep a Mariah Carey song handy on our phones, so if she messes up, we can listen to a quality performance, and pretend thatís whatís coming through the television. The Boy Scouts say, ďBe prepared.Ē Maybe next time weíll know better.
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