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Anthony Wayne in Hayden Park - 1951

By Randy Harter

Fort Wayne Reader


This familiar statue of General Anthony Wayne astride his horse was first located here in Hayden Park on Maumee Avenue at Hayden Street upon its completion by Chicago sculptor George E. Ganiere and dedication in 1918. At that time, travelers coming to Fort Wayne from the east on the Lincoln Highway would have seen the statue as they approached the city where Maumee Avenue and East Washington Boulevard “pinch” together at this small one-and-a-half acre park. These grounds were purchased from Fred Hayden in 1876 and carried his name until the park was renamed Nuckols Memorial Park in 1986 for John Nuckols, the city’s first African-American city councilman who served on council for over 22 years. The statue of Anthony Wayne was removed from its granite plinth and relocated to a smaller base at the newly constructed Freimann Square in 1973. The brass bas-relief plaques of Little Turtle and Tecumseh on either side of the original base were salvaged and now hang in the downtown Allen County Public Library just outside the genealogy department. Hayden/Nuckols park will soon be slightly enlarged as Maumee Avenue is currently undergoing realignment adjacent to the park and Indiana Tech.

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©2018 Fort Wayne Reader. All rights Reserved.