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Danger lurks in the garden…

Chicago’s 5th House Ensemble brings Luna de Cuernos to Fort Wayne

By Eddie Torres

Fort Wayne Reader


Day after day, Dona Yuiza and her pets faithfully tend the garden of her Humbolt Park home, selling its fruits and vegetables to their neighbors. The garden is a source of pride not only to Dona Yuiza but to the entire neighborhood.

But one night, a mysterious, sinister creature with the horns of a goat threatens the carefully tended yard. Dona Yuiza and her friends pull together to protect the garden and try to defeat the beast.

This story of a tight-knit group of friends and family under threat, and the risks they will take to defend all that they own, is set to music and visuals in Luna de Cuernos, a piece by the 5th House Ensemble (5HE) from Chicago. The young chamber music group has won accolades for its musical storytelling, combining classical music with a multi-media experience.

On Thursday, April 28, the 5th House Ensemble performs its multi-media show Luna de Cuernos in Fort Wayne.

Adding a unique twist to the traditional chamber music performance, in Luna de Cuernos the 5th House Ensemble has created a silent movie of sorts, collaborating with writer and artist Sarah Becon. Becon’s graphic novel is displayed on screen during the performance. The fusion of powerful visual and auditory elements connects the emotions of the characters onscreen with the live performance on stage.


The 5th House Ensemble performs Luna de Cuernos
Canterbury High School — Summers Auditorium
3210 Smith Road
Thursday, April 28, 7 PM

Tickets: $20/$10 for students

For more information on the 5th House Ensemble, visit Fifthhouse.com/luna

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