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The Shroud, 1981


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In the spirit of Halloween, and in the grand old tradition of local television horror movie hosts, we present a blast from the horrific past.

In the early 1970s Fort Wayne had Asmodeus. And who can forget the sweet menacing voice of the beloved Sammy Terry out of Indy?

After Asmodeus, there came...The Shroud. A truly mysterious character created by the late Don Paris (aka: Chris Blake).

Mr. Paris was a film and horror movie collector who used to host horror movies for the neighborhood kids on summer nights, projecting the celluloid terrors on the side of his white garage.

Paris was a vintage Fort Wayne radio personality who, while enshrouded, went on to host “Nightmare Theatre” on Saturday nights on WFFT-TV channel 55 from the late 1970s into the early 1980s.

This hand-out photo is inscribed to "Ernie — pleasant dreams." This was back in the pre-FOX days, when channel 55 was a new, independent station.

Photo courtesy of Somewhere in Time Archives.

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