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No "Maybe" About It ó It's Maybelline, and Cover Girl, and L.A. Colors, and ...

By Gloria Diaz

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Iíve told you about my salt addiction, which is going to be an eternal battle, I think. Thereís something else Iím addicted to, and I canít figure out why. Itís makeup. New makeup.

Makeup fresh in the package. Thereís something beautiful about the individual compartments of eye shadow, the blush that is waiting for the first stroke of a brush, nice sharp eyeliner, those clean looking bottles of foundation.

I donít know why itís such a fascination. But when I go into a store that sells makeup, itís probably the first aisle I check out. If I have to kill time for whatever reason, I head over to the makeup section.

Iíll never forget the time I bought lipstick, and found a perfect color for me. It was just a little bit darker than my lips, and since I tend toward the natural look, I was delighted when I put it on and loved it. I was even more excited when this lipstick (L.A. Colors Fresh) smelled like chocolate. CHOCOLATE! I still have it, but they no longer sell the color. Iíll have to get a replacement soon, but whenever something gets discontinued (food items, cars, perfume, MAKEUP) I get all depressed. Thatís why I tend to fall into a rut and not try items labeled ďfor a limited time only.Ē It means that Iíll freak out if I get hooked on that item, and Iím not wealthy enough to call the company and buy out their remaining stock.

It doesnít really matter where I am. Dollar Tree, Walgreens, Meijer, Dollar General, or the local beauty Mecca, Ulta. Iíll check out the makeup. Iím not really a makeup snob. I do try to avoid cheap eyelineróit either is too gooey, resulting in smears, or too hard, making application painful. Ulta recently opened a store within walking distance of my house, and itís both bliss and completely dangerous. They do have really good deals, and Iíll skulk around the clearance racks hoping for a deal. I found a makeup bag that included makeup and brushes for the unbelievable price of $9.99. It was originally $88, so after my jaw hit the floor, I picked up a bag. The brushes alone were worth the bargain price. I also got to try out eye shadow primer, and also ended up with a tube of new mascara, in addition to the three different eye shadow sets, lip gloss, nail polish, and eyeliner. There was blush thrown in, even though it was broken. I didnít care. I was practically dancing over getting something that was $88 for $10.

The higher-end makeup sort of scares me. I wonder why itís so high priced, and if itís worth it. I carefully linger around the Urban Decay and Smashbox and Benefit and Too Faced counters and marvel over the prices. Just the price for one item alone, say $32 for a tiny palette of eye shadow, makes me nervous. Do you know how much makeup I could buy for $32? And the idea of spending that amount all at once for makeup scares me. I usually buy a couple items at a time, maybe more if itís clearance.

Or maybe I have such low self-esteem that I donít think Iím worthy of good makeup. I know Iíve been stung by certain eye shadows and liners. I went to a Halloween party loaded up with shadows and liners and my eyes were watering on the way over. When I got to the hostessís house, I asked her if she had any baby oil. I had to get this stuff off my eyelids, because my eyes were turning red. It wasnít just meóthe hostess said other guests were having problems too. When I got home, I got rid of the makeup, and washed the brushes and foam sponges too.

Maybe the eye shadow palettes are the grown-up equivalent of watercolors. I used to love fresh paint sets as a child, and what is makeup but paint for the canvas that is your face? Whatever it is, the brand-new plastic cases that lovingly show off those tiny squares of color, the smell of new Cover Girl makeup (refreshing) or the lipstick that smells like chocolate makes me happy. The cases are so cleanóthereís no stray dust from the last time (or several dozen times) you delicately pushed the brush or foam applicator into that gorgeous shade of purple and carefully applied it on your lid. The see-through plastic cases arenít scratched up or cracked. The bottle of foundation is full, and you donít have to scrape out the liquid with a cotton swab.

When my mother died, she easily left two dozen lipsticks, some loose in her bag, some rubber-banded together. It seemed like she never left the house without lipstick, whereas I have to remind myself I have at least six shades to choose from, so why do I always seem to forget it or do without? I guess there are worse addictions to have, but I think the average woman who wears makeup is on the quest to find the perfect shade of red, the right eyeliner, the evening look that doesnít make her look like a hooker. I think the powers that be know this, so they are on a constant quest to keep us buying, and if they discontinued a shade, we lose our shit until we find a suitable replacement. In a world where $50 lipstick exists, I donít want to get hooked. I have champagne tastes on a tap water budget.

I still have a bit of that L.A. Colors Fresh left. I guess I should start saving up for that replacement.

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