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Columnist sick of pseudo-porn in entertainment

By Gloria Diaz

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Can I be honest? Iím sick of sex.

Or maybe, Iím sick about the sexualization of everything.

As I recently commented on Facebook, if I wanted to see ass, Iíd subscribe to porn. I donít care about Kim Kardashianís ass, the one sheís married to, or any other rear ends out there.

Itís beyond hypocriticalóa womanís exposed breast ignites outrage, but a few minutes spent watching commercials or music videos on YouTube shows segments that might as well be porn. How is it that kids are supposed to ďsave itĒ until marriage when theyíre surrounded by all these images?

And if thereís nudity in a movie, itís all one-sided. Go on, tell me about a mainstream movie youíve seen in the last ten, twenty, thirty years that has shown a guyís schlong. Canít think of any, can you. Well, I can. Itís Sex and the City. Of course, it was a brief shot, but it was kind of refreshing to see it, even though I didnít go to see the movie just because of that. The director was gay, so that might have been part of it, but still. I canít think of any other mainstream flicks that showed that.

Janet Jacksonís exposed breast on national television during half time at the Super Bowlô was, according to some people, the most horrifying thing that ever happened on television. But watch a typical teen sex comedy, and somehow, breasts are okay. I guess context is everything. But I know that no matter how many hot guys are in a film, the ďbrief nudityĒ is going to be all women. If a guy is naked, itís going to be an ass shot. B.o.r.i.n.g.

So whenever Iím on YouTube and see a typical video with half-naked women basically saying, ď&%#* meĒ with the way they are dancing, I wonder why itís any different than porn. Sure there arenít any sex acts, but the line is so close, why not? Oh no, the artist would say. ďThatís pornography, and Iím totally against that. I donít believe in objectifying women.Ē Sure you donít. You just happen to view being nearly naked as ďartistic expression.Ē And you wonder why people think of you as a bimbo.

This attitude of mine isnít really new. Itís not like I woke up a few weeks ago and decided that I was a prude. I guess I think sex should be private. I donít want to see pictures of your ass or breasts, or penis. I donít like looking at pictures depicting human nudity because I think itís sort of ugly. Gasp! Really? Yes, really. Fat, skinny, perfectly toned, Iím not enthralled with the human body.

But I do wish weíd get over our hypocrisy. Breasts are horrible, except when they arenít. Sex is dirty, except when it isnít. We canít have sex or admit to it, but hey! Look at this practically pornographic rock video! But porn is bad. Make up your damn minds! Everything is sexualized anyway, so why all the drama about whether or not sex is bad? Obviously, itís interesting to some people. But for media to wallow in it, then complain about too many teenage pregnancies, or say that American women dress too slutty, well, what do you expect?

I think itís stuff like this that makes me long for my childhood. But when I go into stores and see shoes for girls with nearly two inch heels and what look like cocktail dresses for six year olds, I start to wonder. Everyone is sexualized! Every time I hear someone talk about a song Iíve never heard of and check it out on YouTube, the twerking chorus line and bouncing butts emphasize the songís lyrics, and I feel guilty listening to it. I mean, why not full-out nudity? Because naked is bad. Half-naked is good.

And maybe, someday, the people who decide on the talent for half time at the Super Bowlô will feature a marching band that after a few minutes of the usual formations, will arrange itself into a giant penis and balls, and twerk furiously to a medley of ďAll about that Bass,Ē ďBlurred Lines,Ē and ďIgnition (Remix).Ē At the end, white streamers would shoot out of the business end of the penis formation. Crass, you say? Tacky, you say? Poor taste? That visual just might make up for all the one-sided nudity and pseudo-porn videos that have passed for entertainment these past few decades. At any rate, seeing that would make me laugh. Certainly more than seeing Kardashianís assóand the one she sits on.

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