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Don't BYOB

By Jeff Terrill

Fort Wayne Reader


Stan always has a plan.

Stan is a twenty-two year old college student with a part-time job. Like a lot of young students, Stan spends more than he earns. Stan isnít a real person.

Frustrated with his current finances, Stan decides to fill two large flasks with rum before going out on the town to meet his friends. Stan is determined not to spend any money on booze throughout the night. Last weekend, Stan spent way too much money on beer during and after the football game. Stan puts the flasks over each shoulder and then slides on a jacket.

Stan meets up with his friends who are finishing their pizza at a nearby sports bar. Stan orders a Coke and joins the group. Stanís drink arrives. He takes a few big gulps and reaches inside his jacket. Stan pulls the glass near his lap and refills it with rum from the flask. Several of Stanís friends pick up on Stanís plan and Stan ends up pouring rum from his flask into several cups on the table.

One drink leads to another and before they know it, Stan and his friends are feeling pretty good. After some time, one of Stanís flasks is being passed around their table. His friends take turns holding the flask over their mouths as they squeeze shots of rum into their mouths.

Stanís friends all praise him for such an ingenious plan. Stan is surprised he didnít think of this sooner.

Stan is one drink beyond realizing that the two people just seated at a nearby table are staring at him. Some more friends join Stan and the group at the table. Stan pours some rum into an empty glass.

The two people seated next to Stan identify themselves as excise officers. They instruct Stan to step outside with them so they can talk.

Once outside, the officers ask Stan whatís in the flask. Stan tells them rum. The excise officers advise Stan that it is a crime to bring liquor into a restaurant or public entertainment establishment. Stan learns he could go to jail for up to sixty days.

The officers make Stan pour out the rest of the rum from his flasks. They give Stan a ticket with his notice to appear in court the following week.

Stan realizes his grand plan to save a few bucks could end up costing him a lot.

Jeff Terrill is a partner/shareholder with the law firm of Arnold Terrill Anzini, P.C. Mr. Terrill represents clients accused of crimes throughout northeast Indiana. You can contact Mr. Terrill with any questions or comments at his office at 260.420.7777 or via email at jterrill@fortwaynedefense.com. Learn more about his firm at www.fortwaynedefense.com. This article expressed opinions and observations of the author, is not intended as legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship between the author and the reader. Please consult a qualified attorney with any legal questions or issues you might have. Thank you

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