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We Hate Kids, Yes We DoÖ

By Gloria Diaz

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One of my students did a brief report on a news article about a mother who abused her young child (who was crying) by blowing marijuana smoke into her mouth. Thatís one way to calm an infant down, I guess, but Iím sure Dr. Spock, or whoever is passing for him nowadays wouldnít approve.

Does it strike anyone else that for all the importance we place on kids in this country, we really donít like them very much? For a nation that prides itself on family, especially a traditional family structure, we seem to treat our kids like garbage. I wonít go into health care, since it seems like every state has some sort of health coverage for kids. Iím talking about people who leave their babies strapped in car seats, then forget about them. They come back to a roasted (or frozen) kid. Are we really so wrapped up in ourselves that we canít remember the kids that issued forth from our uteri or loins?

Take a look at all the child-safety stuff thatís out there and it really is mind-blowing. I donít remember any of this stuff as a kid (my mom didnít use seat belts, and she left the electrical socket covers uncovered, and I never wore a helmet when I rode my bike) and I survived. I see all this stuff, and I have to shake my head, especially for the kids at the mercy of parents like Casey Anthony and Jessica Callaway, the pot smoke-blowing mom. Seems young (21 years old) Jessica was upset about not being able to find a cool outfit in her closet to wear for later on that night, and blew smoke in her 10-month-oldís mouth in order to calm her down. A friend noted that the baby seemed thirsty after the smoke (what, she didnít have an urge for Fritos Scoops?). Prior to the smoke-blowing, it was noted that Ms. Callaway yelled at her daughter to ďshut the f**k up before I kick you in the mouthĒ. How heartwarming is that?

Iím going to go out on a limb and say this: we really, really donít like kids. We have them because once we get married, itís awkward not to have a few rugrats running around. We have them even though we really donít want them. We have them because our parents want grandkids. We have them because our friends have them. Bear in mind, these are the same parents who threw you out the minute you graduated high school. Iíll never figure that one out. Whoever said youíre only responsible for your kids until they turn 18 was probably stoned on pot at the time.

Someone I know refused to pay for her sonís hand injury, even though heís covered by her insurance because he was ďstupidĒ to have caused the incident in the first place. Kids arenít in their right mind until about age 25 or so. When I think of the things my brother and I did, my parents might have yelled, but they picked up the pieces. They paid for the hand my brother messed up when he punched a hole in a door at the Memorial Coliseum when he found out the KISS concert was canceled due to a storm. I screwed up a reel to reel tape, but wasnít threatened with death. My parents seemed to realize ďshit happenedĒ and dealt with it.

Whatís funny is that my mom wasnít planning to get married or have kids. She wanted to be a travel photographer. For someone who originally wasnít domestically inclined, she did a great job.

And yes, I realize there are people out there who really want kids, and they have them, and love them and do a great job with them. Keep up the good work. What Iíd like to tell parents who are lamenting college costs, their kidís first date, first driverís license test, or the fact that their kids are putting a huge dent in the pot buying fund, is you have no one to blame but yourselves. Birth control is readily available so you can sleep soundly and not have to worry about your 17-year-old driving home from a camping trip and perhaps running into a drunk driver. Some people grow up when they have kids, but sadly, a lot of parents donít. So we have people like Casey Anthony and Jessica Callaway who, if they hadnít had children, wouldnít be in the news.

Donít hate your kids. The world is a dangerous enough place without having parents who just donít care. Itís ironic that despite at the child-safety gadgets out there, sometimes the most dangerous thing that can affect a child is his or her parents.

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