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Sure we're connected ...to fat

By Gloria Diaz

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Sometimes I wonder about the media. I saw an article about how Fort Wayne (according to Men’s Health magazine, that journal of accurate, pertinent information) is one of the least socially connected cities around. Really? I was a bit surprised to see a kid riding a skateboard and presumably texting.

I hate texting. I do it every so often, but it seems like a passive-aggressive way of communicating. And it seems like texting is the domain of the very young, so when I do slowly peck out a brief message, I feel like a senior citizen trying to go undercover in a high school. I also hate “text speak.” As someone who majored in English and teaches writing, I hate seeing stuff like “C U l8ter.” I won’t tell you how many times the word “you” ends up as “U” on papers. Whenever I look around, seems like everyone is texting. It’s especially annoying when I hang out with friends and one of them is tapping away at someone more interesting than the people she’s with. It’s a real self-esteem builder when you’re being put on hold in person, you know? Guess I should text her and tell her what a rude douche bag she’s being.

Something else I saw, I actually think it was in the same newspaper on the same day, was how “healthy” Allen County was. I can’t remember who made that claim, but according to someone, somewhere, Allen County was among the healthiest in the state. I had to roll my eyes at that claim too. I see autos with stickers denoting that the passengers are into running; those little oval 13.1 or 26.2 accessories stuck on the back windows tell me these people are probably rocking a normal body weight.

In contrast, I see lots of people on those motorized shopping carts who are an unhealthy weight. I went out several weeks ago with some friends and I was floored to realize of the women sitting at our table, I was the thinnest. Please realize I’m a size 16-18. I’m not “thin” by any means. I eat entirely too much chocolate, but I gave up pop for Lent (yes, I know, I’m such a good Catholic) and the vomiting spells seem to have stopped. If I can cut down on the sugar, or cut it out entirely, I know I’ll be better off for it. I do try to exercise, because it does make me feel better. And it’s cheaper than medicine.

As for the accuracy of these claims, that we’re socially connected and relatively healthy, I have to ask how they figured that out. I guess, compared to Mississippi, we’re probably downright skinny. But being “relatively healthy,” well, I wonder about that one.
It proves you can’t believe everything you read or hear. But seeing stuff like this makes me wonder how legit media actually is. Men’s Health… well, I pretty much think of that as the men’s version of Cosmopolitan. Take it with a grain of salt. The next month or so, someone, somewhere, will harsh our healthy buzz with a report on what a bunch of lard asses we are. How’d we get that way? From texting and playing “Angry Birds” too much. Oh wait, we’re not as connected as we think we are. Or are we? Maybe I should go online and check, but first I need some potato chips. Don’t worry, they’re baked.

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