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The Friends of Ivan Hood?


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With races for Mayor and City Council on the horizon, Fort Wayne politicos have plenty to look forward to in 2011.

So far, we know of at least four contenders for the Republican ticket for Mayor. Well, two contenders — Paula Hughes, formerly of County Council; Liz Brown, currently of City Council; one interested party — Eric Doden, a local businessman, announced he was forming an exploratory committee; and Frederick Oshekskie, Sr., who has filed a CFA-1 (a Candidate's Statement of Organization and Designation of Principal Committee or Exploratory Committee form) with the Allen County Election Board.

And candidates for City Council are also lining up, most prominently Dr. John Crawford, a former council member who last month announced his intention former council member Dr John Crawford announcing his intention to seek an “At-large” seat. Of course, Crawford is just one — several others have expressed interest in running for council…

But it wouldn’t be a local election year without a little bit of weirdness, and this time, the weirdness starts early.

A guy named Joseph Townsend has started a Facebook group page for Ivan Hood’s campaign for an “At-large” seat on City Council.

Those with sharp memories will recall that Hood made a run for the Mayor’s office as a Republican back in 2007. Hood, who owned a kiosk in Glenbrook, did not get the Republican nomination, but he attracted some attention because of his youth (he was 19 at the time) and a well-received speech at Republican headquarters. His actual campaign for Mayor was a little… well, we’ll say laidback. But he was an interesting guy with an interesting story (we covered him in FWR #76).

Now, apparently, he’s running for City Council. Well, maybe. Townsend started the group page, but Ivan Hood himself is conspicuously absent from it.

But anyone visiting the group page will find plenty of other names involved in local and regional politics. According to the conservative AWB blog, one such name, judge-elect Wendy Davis, asked that she be removed from the group since she didn’t give permission for her name to be used. Townsend said that he was inviting people and didn’t know the names would be automatically added.

And who is Townsend? Well, we’ve heard him called a conservative “activist.” The AWB blog calls him an “agitator.” Another conservative we know described him using another word that starts with “a.”

So, we’re not sure what’s going on here. For all we know, Ivan Hood could actually be running for City Council (and why not?).

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