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Stay Young Fest

All-day, all-ages music show happens December 11

By Jim Fester


Fort Wayne Reader


Summer is usually the heavy touring season for bands — daylight lasts longer, people aren’t hunkered down in their homes, if the van breaks down you won’t freeze on the side of the road, and a winter tour didn’t work out too well for Buddy Holly, did it?

But Ty Brinneman remembers going to several mid-winter music fests — specifically, all-ages shows — where a half-dozen or so bands, sometimes more, would perform in a venue somewhere, and they seem to hold a special attraction for him. That’s the inspiration behind Stay Young Fest, an all-day, all-ages show Brinneman put together at the Pint & Slice for Saturday, December 11.

When we say “all-day,” we’re not exaggerating. The doors open at 10 AM and the last band of the day takes the stage in the wee wee hours, and then there’s an after party at the Murphy building across the street. Some 19 bands are on the bill, with two other bands — Close Only Counts and Parasitic Twins — doing special cover sets at the after party.

Once again, the show is “all-ages” (bracelets will be issued with I.D., so those over 21 wanting a drink will be able to get one) and that was very important to Stay Young Fest’s organizer. Brinneman, who plays with Metavari, Castles, and Bookhouse Boys, says that when he was younger, he always appreciated not having to worry about his age when he went to see a show. “At our all-ages shows, I see kids come out and they are really excited,” he says. “I remember when I was 17, being able to see some band and thinking ‘I want to do that.’ It made me want to play music, so I wanted to give kids a chance to experience something like that.”

Most of the bands are local and/or regional, with a fair number being label-mates of Metavari on Crossroads of America Records. Organizing the show took some time and effort; Brinnemann is no stranger to booking bands — he promotes shows in Fort Wayne and helps out booking Metavari’s own tours — but Stay Young Fest is by far the biggest event he’s ever tackled. “When Metavari plays in other cities, it’s pretty easy for me to ‘bro down’ with the people in other bands and make good connections with groups and promoters,” he says. “Still… yeah, there are a lot of bands. I had to start putting it together pretty early.”

The line-up, Brinneman says, is pretty diverse, and includes bands like Jookabox from Indianapolis; Into It. Over It from Chicago; and In the Face of War from Kokomo. “They used to be more hardcore or metalcore, and have turned into just a great punk band,” Brinneman says of In the Face of War. “They’re great musicians and friends of mine.”

“But really, there’s not a band on the list I’m not excited to see, or excited to see again in some cases,” he adds.

That said, Brinneman is really looking forward to seeing Frontier(s) from Louisville. “The lead singer/guitarist (Chris Higdon) from Frontier(s) was also the lead singer/guitarist in Elliott, which is one of my all-time favorite bands when I was growing up,” he says, adding that he still plays Elliott’s album False Cathedrals from 2000 about once a week. “Frontier(s) is my treat to myself,” he laughs. “I don’t know who will be in to them, but for me, it’s the closest I’ll come to seeing Elliott again. That’s why I put Metavari right before them, so I’ll be sure to get a good spot.”

Brinnemann has lined up a number of sponsors for the show. Pint & Slice will have a few specials available; Neat Neat Neat Records & Music — a new store/label in Fort Wayne — will offer a few treats for music lovers; and 3 Rivers Federal Credit Union has provided 200 flash drives which will be pre-loaded with music from the performers on the bill. “The first 200 through the door get one free,” Brinnemann says.

Stay Young Fest
Pint & Slice — 816 S Calhoun

Saturday, December 11. Doors open at 10 AM

Tickets: $10; $15 day of show ($13 if you bring 2 canned goods or non-perishable food items)

Tickets available at brownpapertickets.com/event/137441

Flash drives loaded with music to be played at the fest will be given out to the first 200 people courtesy of 3 Rivers Credit Union.

10:00 AM Tiger Cub
10:45 AM Sonorous
11:30 AM Castles
12:15 PM Support The Troopz
1:00 PM Osteoferocious
1:45 PM Frank Schweikhardt
2:30 PM Alexander The Great
3:15 PM husband&wife
4:05 PM Rodeo Ruby Love
4:55 PM In The Face Of War
5:45 PM Pretender/Contender
6:30 PM Laura Balke
7:15 PM Lights At Sea
8:05 PM Actors&Actresses
9:05 PM Metavari
10:05 PM Frontier(s)
11:10PM The Felix Culpa
12:15AM Into It. Over It.
1:15AM Jookabox

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