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Locals playing locals

By Jim Fester

Fort Wayne Reader


There’s a tribute show of another kind going on at the Brass Rail on Saturday, September 25.

“Locals Doing Locals” features four great original bands from the area — Left Lane Cruiser; Poopdeflex; Thunderhawk; and The Staggerers — performing each other’s songs. “Everybody will play two or three songs originally done by the other artists on the bill,” says Ryan Clark of The Staggerers, who organized the show. “So everybody gets covered by everybody. All the bands are allowed to interpret, rearrange, and approach everybody else’s songs as they see fit for their own musical style.”

This isn’t the first “Locals Doing Locals” show. Jeff Anderson of Hillgrass Bluebilly organized one several years ago, and Clark simply liked the idea and thought it was worth re-visiting.

“This is supposed to be a celebration of the fact that we have a great local music scene compared to a lot of cities,” Clark says. “The bands that come through here on tour praise us for our music scene and how we take care of each other. We’re all friends and fans of each other, we sort of act like cheerleaders for each other, and of course there is a lot of musical chairs and filling in for each other as well.”

“So this is just a night where we can pat each other on the back and hopefully deliver something interesting to see for the people who are familiar with these bands.”

Despite the camaraderie and good will of the bands involved, I had hoped for a just a few stories of artistic egos run amuck or musical preciousness. Sadly… “Everyone is excited to be a part of this,” Clark tells me. “The most difficult thing is getting is working out what songs are gonna be covered by other bands so that the same songs aren't getting played all night. There are also lots of emailing and phone calls and late nights trying to interpret lyrics, since we are all learning these songs by ear.”

What: Locals Doing Locals
Where: The Brass Rail
When: Saturday, September 25, 10 PM
Cover: $4

The bands are donating 100% of the cover charge to benefit Erin's
House Charity (erinshouse.org)

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