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Flood, 1913


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Flooding is nothing new to the area, apparently. This photo, taken in 1913, shows the old Fort Wayne Baseball Park partially submerged. Unfortunately, we’re not quite sure where exactly the Fort Wayne Baseball Park was located. The info we have says “the foot of Calhoun.” We asked Chad Gramling, who maintains the blog Baseball in Fort Wayne (baseballinfortwayne.com) and wrote the book Baseball in Fort Wayne. Gramling said he was pretty sure it was League Park, where the 1913 Billikens played. But just to be certain, he checked with the Northeast Indiana Baseball Association (NEIBA), who told us the park was located between Calhoun & Clinton Streets a couple of blocks north of Superior. The outfield fence ran close to the St. Mary's River and then around and along Clinton Street (right field). Babe Ruth played there twice; once right after the end of the 1926 season (he was barnstorming) and then just before the start of the 1927 season when the entire Yankees team played here.

So there you have it. Thanks to everyone involved.

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