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Speculation and rumors…


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What’s the difference between speculation and rumor? Allow us to illustrate with an example…

Several weeks ago, when it was announced that former city council member John Crawford had filed with the Allen County Election Board to form an exploratory committee and raise money for another bid for public office, many people who care about such things speculated that Crawford was mulling a run for the mayor’s seat in 2011.

But now, it is rumored that Dr. Crawford does indeed have his sights on the mayor’s office, and plans to challenge Republican Paula Hughes in the primaries. PA heard this from a source who is in a position to know such things; however PA can’t confirm it, and our man in Havana won’t give us much more than that.

Normally, we’d brush it off, but… like we said, the source has credentials. Obviously, we can’t say who it is. They said that if we quoted them, used their name, or gave any details, they would kill us. We’re pretty sure they were speaking figuratively, but politics can be a dirty business, so we’re not taking any chances.

So, we’re calling this one a rumor — a report without known authority for the truth, to paraphrase Webster’s. If we could actually confirm any of it, that would be called a scoop.

The Deputy rides into the sunset…

The resignation of Deputy Mayor Greg Purcell on February 1 to (in the words of the press release) “devote more attention to the care of family members in Michigan” prompted accolades for the D.P.’s career and work, and regret at his departure. Purcell joined the Henry administration in September 2008; he had also served under the Richard administration and the Moses administration.

“Greg Purcell has been a key member of my cabinet,” Mayor Henry said in a statement. “His departure saddens me, but I respect his decision and his commitment to his family. His leadership can be seen in Fort Wayne’s designation as a proud three-time All-America City award winner, the successful resolution of the longstanding City and County bridge issue and the homerun opening of Parkview Field.”

For the short term, City Controller Pat Roller will serve in an “interim capacity,” retaining her division title, but receiving support “from key division and department heads to ensure that seamless municipal operations are maintained.” She’ll share some responsibilities with Bob Kennedy, Director of Public Works.

But the ink seemed to have barely dried on Purcell’s letter of resignation when it became known that Purcell — who earned $115,000 annually — would continue to be paid by the city through April, even though officially, he was gone.

Obviously, this raised some eyebrows. City councilman Tom Smith said he considered it “ridiculous” to pay Purcell roughly $29,000 when he’s not working.

Don’t forget, Mayor Henry’s annual State of the City address happens Wednesday, Feb. 10 at IPFW’s Rhinehart Music Center, beginning at 5:30 p.m.

He’ll follow that up a few days later with a Mayor's Night In 5:30-7:30 p.m. Feb. 15 at the City-County Building. City residents can schedule an appointment to meet with the mayor in his office on the ninth floor to discuss concerns or offer comments about city government or services. Call the mayor's Public Information Office at 427-1120 to schedule a 10-minute block of time that evening to meet with the mayor and members of his staff. Although walk-ins are welcome, appointments will ensure time with the mayor.

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